Do you know what your superpower is? The one thing in you that charges everything you create from your heart? The one thing that gets you up to create crazy adventures?

My superpower is Playfulness. I have known this for a long time, and yet I have fought it too.

The problem with accepting it was that I suffered from a bad case of WWPTOM.

WWPTOM (aka What Will People Think Of Me?) is one of those fear-filled questions that keeps you from leaping into your dreams and claiming your own creative superpower.

It is the thing that makes you act all self-conscious in public, even though you would want to scream your truth from the rooftops.

There is only one way you can heal from the WWPTOM. And that is to say, “FUCK THAT!” (or something more lady-like ?).

Because we all need you to be all you, doubt free, filled with love and joy and a major case of superpowered creativity!

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